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Our Daily Program

A carefully supervised and balanced program is offered to assist your child in his or her learning process. This includes different activities of play, reading readiness, music appreciation, stories, math readiness, creative art, science and health. All these probide for an educational experience of lasting value in the physical, mental and emotional development of the child.

A typical day might be something like this:

Open 6:30 AM
  Arrival of children
Grade Schoolers go to school 8:15 AM
Preschool Begins 8:30 AM
  Singing 9:00 AM
  Crafts and projects
  Creative Learning
Lunch 11:30 AM
  Prepare for lunch
  And prepare for nap
Naptime 12:15 AM
Outside Activity 2:00 PM
  Freeplay outside (weather permitting)
Afternoon Snack 3:00 PM
Close for the day 5:45 PM